About Miss Hottie

About The Founder

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Women are constantly bombarded on social media with unrealistic beauty standards and body images that undermine their self-confidence. These unrealistic images contribute to some women having negative body images and low self-esteem. Miss Hottie encourages women to embrace their natural selves, to realize that appearances has nothing to do with creativity, intelligence, being passionate, being bold, courageous and all the other beautiful characteristics of women. 

The truth is that all women are beautiful, with our own unique sense of self and expression. Our goal is to uplift, inspire and support all women so that we can collectively use our voice to impact the world.  

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Why Miss Hottie

Sugar and spice and everything nice is what little girls are made of. Maybe this is true. Women are resilient, passionate, bold, nurturing, supportive warm, devoted and kind. Nevertheless, women are labeled aggressive, pushy, combative, difficult, bossy and much worse when we are just being assertive or direct.  
Miss Hottie encourages women to be bold, take up space, and never shrink ourselves to make anyone happy.
Our products symbolizes the essence of all women, sweet and spicy, warm and assertive. 
So go on. Embrace your inner hottie.

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