Alexis's Story

The corona virus pandemic has had a devastating economic affect on women, wreaking havoc on households across the world. Women bear the brunt of job losses and are leaving the workforce in droves, but racialized women, especially black women, has been affected the most. There remains a huge wage disparity between men and women. On average, black women are paid 37% less than white men and 20% less than white women. The economic crisis has made the pay gap hit even harder. 

After losing her job due to the pandemic, Alexis has decided to take the plunge into the entrepreneurial world and start her own hot sauce business. It is a daunting and difficult journey but Alexis is determined to succeed.

Alexis understands that while black women are the most educated, they also lack access to funding as entrepreneurs. In fact, Black women-led startups have only received 0.0006 percent of the total tech venture funding raised. Despite these odds Alexis isn't deterred and is committed to fulfilling her dreams of being an entrepreneurial success story. 

It Takes A Village

One of the easiest ways to help black women succeed in business is through mentorship. Providing education, encouragement, and support can go a long way in helping start ups succeed.  It takes a village to raise and entrepreneur and women like Alexis can benefit from your guidance.

Tips For Alexis

If you would like to offer encouragement, support or mentorship to Alexis, please contact her. She would love to hear from you.