Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women,  Black women have a higher mortality rate than any other racial or ethnic group. Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with more advanced-stage breast cancer compared to white women.  

The tumors of Black patients are also more likely to be larger and to have spread to the axillary (underarm) lymph nodes (glands) at the time of diagnosis.

The risk for developing breast cancer increases in all women as we get older, but Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at younger ages compared to White women.

In women younger than 40-45 years old, the population-based incidence rates of breast cancer are higher for Black women compared to White women.

About 30% of all newly diagnosed Black breast cancer patients are younger than 50 years old, compared to only 20% of White patients.

About Equal Hope

Equal Hope is dedicated to ending health disparities in Chicago.  Since 2008, they have helped to reduce the mortality rate for Black & Brown Women diagnosed with breast cancer in Chicago by approximately 20 percent!

Equal Hope believes that access to high quality screening is a critical to reducing racial disparities in breast cancer mortality. A woman has a 99% chance of survival if breast cancer is found early on a screening mammogram before symptoms are noticed.

The purpose of Equal Hope’s free breast health program is to help women overcome barriers related to access to high quality care.

Program Services Include:

  • Navigation to breast cancer screening

  • Navigation beyond screening to diagnostic follow up, biopsies and treatment when needed

  • Healthcare and insurance navigation

  • All services are offered in English and Spanish

  • Services offered in other languages through Interpretalk

  • Assistance with diagnostic follow up and breast cancer treatment

Miss Hottie is proud to support Equal Hope's commitment in providing mammograms to racialized and marginalized women. For every purchase you make Miss Hottie will donate 10% of our October revenue directly to Equal Hope.

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